Business Simulations

There is an old saying that knowledge comes from falling as much as it does through standing up

The problem with making mistakes in a sales environment, though, is that, while it may provide a valuable lesson, it can also mean lost opportunities. By utilising the safe space of a simulation, you can practise your approach to behavioural factors, make your mistakes and grow your skills without impacting the real world.

Sales Simulations

Knolskape – Simulation design

We have partnered with Knolskape, a leading simulation designer, to bring a safe learning and research space to your sales processes. Simulated training is popular because the simulation (the imitation of a real-world process as it evolves over time) allows you to develop without risk. Behavioural capabilities are harder to learn than a technical skill. This has been well researched, and common sense also tells us this must be the case. However, the timescales involved in nurturing these skills and their ambiguous nature makes them difficult to acquire. Not mastering them, though, makes for higher margins of error, and the attendant cost is substantial.

You cannot afford to gamble...

You simply cannot afford to gamble with untried strategies when it comes to your clients. Through our partnership with Knolskape, we can help you develop highly effective strategies without the risk of lost sales or upset customers.