Consultancy & Interim

"Different challenges need different solutions, but the process typically starts with a diagnostic, followed by consultancy, coaching, or knowledge transfer."


If time is your constraint, then pure consultancy is probably your best way forward.

We help organisations coach their teams through changing times, such as when they are aligning their systems with Lean Six-Sigma, or post-restructuring / integration, when business development, marketing, customer service and sales teams can feel exposed.”

Example: Following a merger, a client requested our help in integrating three customer facing teams.

We facilitated several workshops to help the disparate teams co-create and embrace a shared language and work as a single team.

The client has reduced the time to onboard new customers and increase their spend.

Sales Consultancy


Sometimes sales managers and directors need help with change. External coaching sessions using toolsets such as Transactional Analysis and TRIZ can help individuals view challenges from a different perspective

Example: I helped a manufacturing company reduce their monthly overtime bill by £4,000, by aligning the calculation of sales commissions with their production. I coached them in cause and effect and effect tools, and they discovered the challenge and solution.

Sales Consultancy


Sometimes companies just do not have the staff available to help them with their sales processes. I work with a number of Universities; and help companies recruit graduates who can be mentored and embed real benefits into the organisation.

Lean 4 Sales helps companies define, measure, analyse and improve their sales processes, leading to increased revenues and reduced costs.

Sales Consultancy


A sales process audit will help you understand the efficiency and effectiveness of your sales process.

It will help you benchmark your customer facing functions, and define where your sales are coming from, where you might be losing revenue, and most importantly where you can gain more profit.

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Sales Consultancy


We have all seen the screaming adverts “Sales manager required – must be able to start tomorrow and hit the ground running, experienced in […], have loads of contacts, manage entire team and the major accounts. Wonderful company etc.”

But in fact the company will probably need 3 Months to recruit with a further 3/6 Months before they actually get a handle on the company.

Would it be easier if:

  • An interim manager could be tasked with “holding the reins” for a couple of months?
  • The sales processes were already documented and could be readily understood?
  • The new joiner was coached during their few weeks?

An interim manager can be a cost effective way forward.