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The importance of great salespeople cannot be underestimated - the most effective coaching is needed to ensure your team is performing

As any great sales team will confirm, high performing salespeople are not about pressure tactics; they are problem solvers who are aware of their customers’ needs. They relate to and build relationships with their clients. They are not just salespeople; they are communicators and listeners. They are empathic, engaged, and aware of how their own personality and approach can influence the outcome of any situation. Traditional ‘learn, rinse and repeat’ methods are simply not suited to developing these skills. In short, using the right coaching approach and training tools is vital if you want salespeople to learn and succeed in any market, no matter how challenging.

Sales Coaching

Awarathon – Training for sales-ready teams

By using this dynamic video tool to roleplay sales situations, we can help your team develop the traits and skills that lead to increased performance. Awarathon utilises advanced AI to create a virtual training environment where you and your team can learn to become more sales-ready. Through a series of interactive scenarios, you will develop the understanding of how to win pitches on and offline, as well as the confidence to consistently repeat that success. Awarathon needs to be experienced to fully understand the potential, so call us for more information on how it can help develop your sales.


Voiceprint – Sales communication development

As we all know, sales begin with good communication. We all have unconscious patterns to our speech and behaviour that affect the way people see and respond to us. Voiceprint is a diagnostic tool that will help you recognise these unconscious barriers to more effective sales communication. Once you have self-awareness, it generates a foundation on which you can build personal and interpersonal development. With Voiceprint we can help your team explore the dynamics, implications and development priorities that will influence their skills growth. Armed with the self-knowledge of your own personal communications, you can work on reducing or eliminating the impact of tensions, tacit bias and other sticking points that reduce your effectiveness in sales and other environments.

Sales Coaching

Training leaders to lead effectively

One of the most common reasons for employees leaving a company is dissatisfaction with the real-world understanding of their line managers. We want to work with the whole team to create management that has insight into the world of their teams and can solve their issues with practical solutions. With leaders that have confidence in their own skills, you create managers who know they can relate to their teams. Leadership that can relate to and solve real-world issues should be the goal of every business that wants effective sales channels. We are here to facilitate that.