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Training with Academic Rigour

What makes your learning different? 

There is no point to training or education if you can't retain the knowledge, skills and behaviours.

We focus on the 70-20-10 process:

70% of what you retain in the learning process will be related to your work experience, decisions made in the work environment and employment skills. We maximise this by blending high quality computer simulations, gamification, case studies and role plays into each module.

Learning from co-workers and peers will account for 20% of what you retain. We help you optimise this by setting team goals,  coaching and mentoring.

The remaining 10% is the knowledge base. The academic theories that underpin your learnings which you will debate with other learners and your peers.


You can choose any 6 of 8 units for a Diploma. 

In today's fast-paced business environment, success lies in the hands of skilled and adaptable managers. Our Level 7 Diploma program prepares you to thrive in this changing world by providing a unique blend of academic achievement and commercial goals.

Blended Learning - A long weekend of face to face instruction for each module, followed by online learning with cutting edge materials and a progress coach

Flexibility - You only need to commit (and pay for!) one module at a time

Time efficient -  programme fits seamlessly into your busy schedule

No exams - assessment through written assignments

Progress - NCC Education has negotiated special rates with leading Universities to "top up" your Diploma on to a full Masters Degree or MBA.  Ask for details

2023 -2024 Open Courses:

27-29 Sept 2023: International Marketing Strategy with Computer Simulation

22-24 Nov 2023: Digital Marketing & Communications with Computer Simulation

18-20 Jan 2024: Strategic Management

20-22 Feb 2024: Leadership, People & Change

21-23 March 2024: Entrepreneurship and Innovation

18-20 April 2024:  Project Management

16-18 May 2024: Information Systems and Knowledge Management

Your flexible route to an MBA


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